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Killer is Dead relies heavily on maintaining the combo meter. Each time Mondo hits an enemy, he initiates a combo chain that keeps growing as long as Mondo keeps landing hits without being hit.

The game quickly turns from slow-paced to fast-paced thanks to this mechanic. The way how Burnout handles racing is unlike any game I have experienced before, and crashing cars brings endless fun. Burnout is all about insane speed and crashing your opponent in many ways.

Paradise provides many modes, unlike other racing games. Tired of that? You can execute stunts for points as well. It would not disappoint you, I promise. The aforementioned is pretty unique, however short when it comes to the story. While many enjoyed the franchise, it sadly came to a halt in favour of the now-better selling IP, Assassins Creed.

The parkour system in Prince of Persia was responsible for inspiring a lot of titles such as Assassins Creed, and God of War. We can only hope that the upcoming remake will manage to sell well so Ubisoft would re-consider reviving the franchise.

Ever wanted to roam a cyberpunk city with a hot chick? Remember Me got you covered fam! You take on the role of a female memory hunter named Nilin. She works for an underground resistance called the Errorists who seek to thwart the megacorporation Memorize plans. Unfortunately, in the beginning, Nilin finds herself unable to remember her identity or what happened to her. It is at that moment that she will join the resistance and retrieve her memory fragments.

The first time I played Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and Vib-Ribbon, I had some difficulties finding something with the same artistic level as these three. Surprisingly, when I stumbled across Child of Light and gave it a try, I was amazed by the details, atmosphere, and engaging combat system.

Child of Light is a blend of platforming and turn-based gameplay that works very well. Similar to other role-playing games, you can recruit several NPCs throughout your journey that can help you to fight enemies and bosses. But both are similar in terms of open-world design, and action. Except for the story that is a gritty drama that is quite unpredictable at times. Mafia II runs fine on a low-end PC these days. That is if you stick with the Standard Edition and not the Definitive Edition. Overall, an intel HD is capable of running this title at nice frame rates.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent puts the likes of Outlast to shame thanks to how it succeeds at making the player feel paranoid of his surroundings. All of these games will scare the crap out of you. I highly recommend playing them at 11 PM for the best experience. Dead Cells is a roguelike video game that borrows several inspirations from the likes of Castlevania, Metroid, Faxandu, and The Binding of Isaac.

Unfortunately, he finds themselves doomed to repeat the cycle countless times until he figures out how to be free. Dead Cells can be bought from anywhere these days at a cheap price.

Its astonishing ghibli-like style will surely leave one gazing at every corner of the game while exploring the breathtaking world and listening to the stellar soundtracks. Furthermore, there are plenty of puzzles that will take a while for you to figure out. Have you ever wanted to wear your kimono, grab your katana, put on your headphones, and start slicing anyone that comes your way? Surprise, Katana Zero got you covered, fam. Katana Zero is all about slicing and dicing, and if you fail?

Time to rewind. Players take on the role of Zero, a samurai assassin suffering from amnesia. The latter possesses the ability to slow down time and perform stylish kills thanks to the Chronos drug he is been treated with.

Katana Zero is not a walk in the park. Sure, some levels can get pretty challenging, but thanks to his samurai abilities, he already has an advantage over his enemies.

That game is Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. And it takes inspiration from several shows and games such as Ico and Life After People which helped create a dynamic connection between Trip and Monkey. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a great game with a stellar world design and a memorable storyline that should be experienced by anyone looking for something similar to Ico.

One does not simply, talk about games for low-end computers without mentioning Max Payne. The game casts you in the role of Max Payne as he confronts every kind of obstacle that stands in his way. All kidding aside, Fran Bow is a very charming game that many people can enjoy. The 2D art style of Fran Bow is definitely very quirky and adds to the overall feel of the game. You play as Fran, a girl in a mental asylum after the murder of her parents.

You must work your way through elaborate puzzles to find your way out of the asylum, taking many drugs along the way. The art team for the game did a fantastic job at capturing the essence of the story and turning it into a visual treat. Overall I would highly recommend Fran Bow to anyone.

If you like point-and-click games, be sure to try it. Even if you just enjoy creepy psychological horror games, I would highly recommend this one! This game is pretty old, I admit.

Is it a bit of a cop-out? Do I make any apologies for it? Besides, I never said that this list would only contain recent games, just good ones — and GTA:SA is a game that undoubtedly falls in that category. CJ returns home after the murder of his mother. After a life of running away from his past as a gang member, he is forcefully pulled back into the gang life upon his return.

You will go from a nobody gangster to one of the most powerful people in San Andreas, fighting your way up every step of the way. GTA — SA is an open world sandbox game. I highly recommend it to everyone! If you like games that completely draw you in and make you lose hours of the day, then this is the game for you. You play as the heir to a little farm left to you by your grandfather, and it’s your job to take care of it and make it flourish once again.

Not only can you farm all different kinds of crops, animals, produce, flowers, honey, crustaceans, etc. There is a reason this game can suck up so much of your time, and just playing it will show you why. The art style of Stardew Valley is absolutely breathtaking. The game is gorgeous, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise! All joking aside, this game really is beautiful and my favorite season has to be Fall just because of the leaves that change color.

While there is no voice acting and the sound effects are slightly forgettable, the music of this game is absolutely stunning! Every season has a few different songs that fit the time of year. I love this OST and I cannot express just how amazing it sounds! I cannot recommend Stardew Valley enough. If you want just a single, good game that you can come home to, relax and sink a few hours into each day, then you cannot go wrong with this.

I would rate Stardew Valle y as one of my most enjoyed games of all time. The Banner Saga games are developed by Stoic. Yes, this technically counts as two games, but they are just so good that I had to lump them in together. If you’re looking for a story that’s reminiscent of Game of Thrones but with a Norse theme and turn-based combat The sun has stopped dead in the sky and ancient dangers called Dredge are suddenly emerging from below the surface of the earth.

The alliance between humans and Varl giant, horned humans who live for hundreds of years is fragile — and with the Dredge returning it will only become more strained.

It’s sly, clever, and full of surprises, meaning you can get some of the best new RPG action without needing a GPU that handles ray-tracing. Thanks to the Final Cut version of the game that now comes standard, Disco Elysium’s installation size is a bit beefier than it used to be.

If you’ve got the space to spare though, it should still run swell. Like Sunless Seas before it, Sunless Skies is part roguelike adventure, part interactive fiction. But it does both better than ever. It earned a 90 in our review, “because of how brilliantly its disparate elements combine to produce exciting stories, from scrapes you survive by the skin of your teeth, to moments where your own hubris gets you killed. For more wonderful writing in a game that leans more heavily towards interactive fiction with fewer survival mechanics, check out the sublime 80 Days , too.

A game about traveling the world is perfect when you’re traveling the world with a laptop. Release date: Developer: Asymmetric Link: Steam opens in new tab. The funniest game of , and maybe the funniest RPG we’ve ever played. This is a game you explore for jokes, not loot. They’re in every corner of the world, and even in the options menu, and it’s a joy to discover them. West of Loathing is also a genuinely fun and clever RPG, with classes like the Beanslinger and Cowpuncher instead of genre standards.

As we wrote in our West of Loathing review : “Flush a toilet for an XP gain, search a haystack for a needle or dig through a mine cart for a hunk of meat ore West of Loathing has a meat-based economy , and insult yourself in a mirror to gain a combat buff because you angered yourself so much.

Most importantly, sticking your nose in every corner of West of Loathing isn’t just beneficial for improving your character’s stats and filling your bottomless inventory with weapons, garments, food, hooch, and hats there are over 50 of them! This is a funny game, and you’ll want to root out every last shred of humor before you’re done with it. Release date: Developer: tobyfox Link: Humble Store opens in new tab.

This isn’t to say it’s not a looker or fun. For those versed in RPG and popular video game tropes, Undertale is a colorful, charming, upsetting swan ride through your habits and behaviors. Date a skeleton, pet or kill some dogs, think way too hard about mice and cheese. As we explain in our Undertale review , it will make you second guess every key press except the ‘Buy’ button.

A successor to Planescape: Torment? It seemed too good to be true, and yet inXile took the engine Obsidian made for Pillars of Eternity and managed to return to the world of Torment in an RPG that recaptures much of what made the original so special. Lucky for laptop gamers, it can also run on low-end hardware, which is fitting for a throwback RPG. In our Torment: Tides of Numenera review , we wrote that “a slow start gives way to a thought-provoking adventure in a remarkable setting.

A fitting follow-up to a beloved RPG. Release date: Developer: Zachtronics Link: Steam opens in new tab. We have only good things to say about Opus Magnum, but this endorsement could really be swapped out for any of Zachtronics’ insidiously deep and clever puzzle games. If cyberpunk’s your jam, try out Exapunks instead. But why Opus Magnum? The joy of expression that comes from building simple or ridiculously complex machines to solve a particular problem, then sitting back and watching it all work.

The best puzzle game of ? Certainly the one with the catchiest name. It’s about pushing blocks, but also pushing words, which then become commands. And from those simple combinations, wild varieties of puzzles unfold.

There, you have to venture into a castle, but there is a twist in how you actually end up exploring it: if your character dies, it will be replaced by a descendant of theirs, with different features from the previous one. Many of the bonuses are kept after each death, but you have to start going into the castle anew. And here we have another twist: the map changes each time you die so that it is always a new and exciting experience for you.

Learn more about Rogue Legacy by following this link to its Steam page! However, before managing to get away from there, you need to explore your surroundings and acquire supplies to enable your survival, such as wood for campfires, as well as plants and animals to prepare your meals. During the night, you need to light your campfire to protect yourself from the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Learn more about what is one of the best online games to play with your friends on this link. Even better, although it does have quite a few paid items, you can play it entirely for free with very few drawbacks. Learn more about Hearthstone on its official website! Be warned, however, because it is extremely easy to lose track of time while playing it!

Download the game on Steam. One of the most played game franchises of all time, the latest installment of the life simulator The Sims 4 was developed specifically to run on any kind of computer you might have.

Released in , even back then it ran on any laptop!



Low memory games for pc


The popularity that this game has gained has surely made it one of the best low storage games for pc. We all love some fun driving games. And Dr. Driving is one such game that is super popular amongst gamers. Driving 2 is the sequel to this famous game.

This game is one of the most popular and adventurous low storage games for android, which is larger in size than its predecessor but is still under 25MB. If you want to experience an excellent driving simulation game, get your hands on this game today. Games that are forgiving on the storage space yet are fun, and engaging are the best ones. This game grabs just MB of your space and yet provides you with a great gaming experience. We all are always on the search for some fun and exciting games to play.

I hope you have a wonderful and playful experience with these games. Happy Gaming! A Journalist by degree and a writer by heart, writing is an emotion and a stress buster for me! As a writer, I’m on a mission to make reading more rejuvenating for all the readers out there! Crafting my thoughts and presenting them to the world is what I love the most!

All the data shown above will be stored by Techtricksworld. At any point of time, you can contact us and select the data you wish to anonymise or delete so it cannot be linked to your email address any longer.

When your data is anonymised or deleted, you will receive an email confirmation. This is done in order to personalise and enhance your experience with us. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Home About us Contact Us. Home » 10 Best Low Memory-space Games. Driving 2 1. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest. Set troop formations, unit combinations, and fighting tactics as a general; they are the most crucial information to remember during the conflict.

To win this game, you must get to know each Hero, take use of their many traits, make clever use of terrain, and pick the optimal tactics based on time.

Begin the game by skydiving face-first into a building and finish it by defeating your opponents in a guns-blazing game of lava. Enter a realm that spans dimensions and binds all Duelists together. In Duel World, every location becomes a Duel Field, where tense battles take place! Chosen by the ancient god Rosca, SoulWorkers came down to save the world from darkness. Extreme emotions like vengeance, anger, and grief are used by SoulWorkers to fuel their unique powers to safeguard the world.

Brave Souls is a fully customizable character development system that lets you design the warriors and team you choose. Enter combat and gain experience to level up characters and enhance their base stats, ascend them to increase their max level, train them on the Soul Tree to boost specialised stats, or link them together to give more assistance. Black Squad is a free-to-play first-person shooter with a military theme.

With a variety of gaming maps, modes, and weaponry to select from, players can improve their abilities and show off their strategy. Spellbreak is a multiplayer action-spellcasting game that allows you to channel your inner battlemage. To conquer other players across the Hollow Lands, master elemental magic to match your playstyle and perform devastating spell combos.

IronSight is a future military First Person Shooter FPS game set on a conflict between armed forces and private military companies equipped with cutting-edge weaponry and drone systems over natural resources.

As the player advances through numerous locales, the realistic gameplay will put them in the centre of intense scenarios. In the free-to-play action game Robocraft, you may create insanely customised robot fighting vehicles that can drive, hover, walk, and fly.

Add futuristic weaponry and get behind the wheel as you battle other gamers online with your creation! RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a high fantasy universe. Explore a dynamic world that is always growing and expanding, full of new challenges, skills, and missions. You get to select how you want to play, explore, and grow, thanks to unprecedented player freedom.

Super Animal Royale is a furious player top-down 2D battle royale in which deadly animals fight tooth and claw around an abandoned safari park. Collect and modify your favorite beasts and weapons, then use them in single bouts or as part of a four-player squad! Another important difference is that you can control a team of fighters, instead of only the protagonist. See everything about it on Steam.

CPU : Intel Core 2 1. An option especially for horror fans, Dead Space is all about a space station crew member who survived a terrible accident and needs to find a way to protect the remaining crew amidst the wreckage. The game was originally released in and has two sequels. Follow this link to see more.

Finishing off our list, we have Chroma Squad, an amazing option among the best lightweight PC games for those who were or still are Power Rangers fans.

Other than fighting against the fictional monsters to record amazing episodes, you will also have to look for sponsorships, buy new equipment for the studio and weapons for your heroes. The game was made in a pixel-art style, similar to classic videogames. Follow to Steam to download it. Let us know in the comments if you already knew them all or if any was new for you. Tutorial Windows PC. Top 14 best lightweight PC games for low-spec machines! Index of this article. By Equipe Apptuts.

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Its mass appeal is likely because of its low PC requirements and because it’s free-to-play.