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Every business’s priority is providing customers with the best possible materials and results. At Metal Roofing Center, we’re here to ensure your business accomplishes that goal too. Located in Punta Gorda, FL, Metal Roofing Center is the trusted metal roofing supply company for roofing contractors looking for the highest quality roofing materials.

We’re locally owned and operated with a strong presence in the market. Our high-quality products at fair prices have earned us a solid reputation as the leading metal roofing contractor in the region. So whether you’re a new metal roofing contractor looking for a trustworthy supplies provider or an experienced metal roofer looking for something better, you can trust we’re the way to go!

We Offer A Variety Of Metal Roofing Services

At Metal Roofing Center, we strive to be the complete metal roofing supply provider in Punta Gorda, FL. Here are some of our services:

1. Metal roofing: Our metal roofs offer longevity and durability that few other metal roofing materials can match.

2. Metal shingles: Our metal shingles are great for a metal roof look without the price tag.

3. Metal tiles: Metal tiles are both beautiful and weather-resistant. 

4. Metal shakes: Metal shakes are made to resist wind and weather.

We’re The Best Roofing Contractor In The Market

We understand that the only way roofing contractors in Punta Gorda, FL, will trust us is to prove our metal roofing materials are the best in the market. 

PBR Panel

These are very strong; they can hold a lot of weight, be pitched at a low angle, and still work well. It also helps to keep the weather out, even in bad conditions.

M Panel

These look good, and they last a long time. They usually come with a guarantee of 50 years, which is longer than most people who live in their homes.

Classic Rib

It looks nice, is affordable, and can be chosen in different colors.

Cor Span

Cor Span metal panels are a great choice for your investment. They work well, and the grooves are deep, so they can hold more weight and stay strong.

5-V Crimp

Homeowners can save up to 30% on utility bills using Cool Roof coatings.

Standing Seam

These look like slate shingles or Spanish tiles, but they have a modern feel and can fit any style of home.

Get The Best Possible Roofing Materials From Metal Roofing Center

Whether you’re a metal roofing contractor starting from scratch or an experienced metal roofer looking for a metal roof supplier you can rely on, Metal Roofing Center in Punta Gorda, FL, is the solution for your needs. We’re the experts in providing exactly what businesses like yours seek.


We understand what the metal roofing industry requires, and we strive to be your #1 solution!

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