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If your business aims to provide customers with exceptional materials, Metal Roofing Center is here to help. We are a trusted metal roofing supply company for roofers searching for the best metal roofing materials around. We proudly stand out as the top provider of quality service and products at fair prices.

Whether you are an amateur installer searching for trusted supplies or a seasoned professional in Foley, AL, seeking something superior, or simply searching for “metal roofing near me – rest assured that our team is here to serve your every need!

Why Are We The Best Roofing Providers In Foley, AL?

Here are some reasons why we’re the trustworthy metal roofing contractor in Foley, AL:

  • High-quality metal products: All our products are made with high-grade metal designed to last you a lifetime. Plus, they’re tested for defects, ensuring the metal’s quality.
  • Fair prices: Our prices are as competitive and affordable as in Foley, AL. This will not only help you save money but also help you expand your metal roofing business by getting more jobs.

We Offer

A Wide Product Diversity

PBR Panel

These structures have tremendous strength and stability and are perfect for heavy loads. They can be angled at a low pitch and still provide you with reliable support while keeping out the worst of Mother Nature’s wrath.

M Panel

Not only do these products look great, but they also boast impressive longevity. Most of them come with a fifty-year guarantee, a much longer duration than the average lifespan of their respective homes.

Classic Rib

With its stunning aesthetic and affordability, this product comes in various colors to ensure it fits your needs.

Cor Span

Invest in Cor Span metal panels for maximum durability and strength. The deep grooves ensure they can effectively bear heavier loads, making them the perfect choice for any application.

5-V Crimp

Homeowners can benefit from massive savings of up to 30% on their energy bills by using the innovative Cool Roof coatings.

Standing Seam

With its stunning aesthetic and affordability, this product comes in various colors to ensure it fits your needs.These shingles appear slate or Spanish tiles, but their contemporary aesthetic will surely add a unique touch to any home.

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At our metal roofing contractor company our products have been ENERGY STAR® Rated, not just for environmental friendliness but also to guarantee reliability, durability, and peak performance. This is your assurance that you are getting a product with all the same functionality at an energy-saving cost.

Our products have also achieved the rigorous FORTIFIED Home™ standards, providing optimal performance during extreme weather conditions. So if you’re looking for the best metal roofing supply provider or just “metal roofing near me”, look no further than Metal Roofing Center in Foley, AL.


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