Metal Roofing Supplier In Punta Gorda, FL

Do you know that sense of satisfaction when you can accomplish your customer’s needs? That is the feeling that Metal Roofing Center strives to bring you. We are a metal roofing supply provider dedicated to providing metal roofing contractors in Punta Gorda, FL, with the best metal roofing solutions for their customers!

Our products meet and surpass the rigorous standards of FORTIFIED Home™, offering top-notch defense against extreme weather conditions. So you can rest assured that by using our products, the next time your customers look for ”metal roofing near me”, you can offer them the best materials for their needs!

What Is Metal Roofing Center?

We’re a locally owned and operated metal roofing supply provider with years of presence in the Punta Gorda, FL, market. MRC is honored to be a qualified Strengthen Alabama Homes program contractor. This initiative displays our commitment to ensuring greater security for all homeowners across the state.

The program offers monetary assistance to natives of Baldwin and Mobile Counties for work on single-family homes already owned by their occupants. Our team is proud to offer unrivaled quality craftsmanship with each project we take, assuring a job well done.


We Provide A Wide Variety Of Metal Roofing Solutions

At MRC, we understand metal roofing like no other. Our metal roofing solutions include:

M Panel

These metal panels are the ideal metal roofing choice for environments that experience heavy snowfall and severe weather conditions.

PBR panel

This metal roofing panel is perfect for metal roofing contractors looking to provide metal roofing solutions with an aesthetic appeal.

Classic Rib

This metal panel provides customers with a traditional metal look with increased durability, preventing the risk of damage due to weather conditions.

Cor Span

Made with metal that is 22-gauge thick, this metal roofing solution is perfect for those needing extra strength and protection against harsh elements.

5-V Crimp

This metal panel comes standard with a 24-gauge thickness, making it one of the strongest metal panels on the market today.

Standing Seam

Withstanding up to 140 mph wind speeds and passing 24 sonic tests per ASTM-E-1680, this metal panel is one of the best metal roofing solutions available.

Allow Us To Help Your Business Reach Its Full Potential!

With years of presence in the roofing industry, Metal Roofing Center has built various metal roofing products at fair prices. Each metal roofing solution we provide offers great advantages, such as being lightweight yet durable and corrosion-resistant. Our products have proven superior quality by outperforming FORTIFIED Home™ standards in even the most extreme weather conditions.



Metal Roofing Center’s metal roofing products are the perfect choice for you and your customers!

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